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The group interview
How to manage the constant approach from a variety of recruiters
  • volunteer outreach
  • military
  • internet start ups
  • political campaigns

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Know your rights.  Avoid becoming the victim of workforce discrimination.  How is this accomplished?

Being the time of year when many highschool, first and second year college students are flocking to the workforce how does the atmosphere change when suddenly a younger, more energetic and flexible staff are afforded the opportunity?  

Staying current with career building activity, such as job fairs and continuing education.  Maintaining a certain level of discomfort.

Why young people are saying 'NO' to the workforce   

Are my references up to date?  Has my credit report been pulled too many times?  Is my personal information safe?  What personal identifying information has been uncovered.

Managing your Digital Identity

Applying for a Passport

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Mobile Blog Monday

Be pretty do work.  Thats All I know.  The image of a cool and strange something is looking back at me.  Almost human.  Its like a control looking over my shoulder and directly at me as I prepare a new series for  

The objective of this series is to get independent like-minded individuals out of their car and indoors to treat themselves to amenities.  Seating and workspace, wireless internet access as well as power outlets, adequate lighting, heating and cooling are the sort of amenities I'm referring to.  Wow, there's complimentary coffee and I can grab a bite to eat as well?  Awesome.  

Keeping in mind the nature of the individual who may be simply seeking solitude away from their residence, the atmosphere may be kid friendly but not overtaken by children.  Also having been in the position of a job seeker with little cash to spare, what locations offer their amenities free of charge or at a low cost?

Check out some of the inspiration these Instagram users shared.

@elaresort @beatriceaugier @voladoconcept @sisbudiyarso

@businessclasscom @tvtorjussen @007and1 @joenshow @frankie_boi80

@fallen_angel1821, @judyk1 @kalynndeekruse

@ohheyitskc @rippednaturally

Restuants and Food courts, ship and pack counter at office supply stores, crafting Speciality hobby shops like woodworking and papercrafts, even the expansive corridors of a Hospital are the places in mind.

Yelp and Facebook launched in 2004.  These specific user friendly apps along with Foursquare, Google Maps and some others are designed to allow customers vote on matters that affect the comfort of their guests.  What sort of foot traffic should a vistor expect?  Is the atmosphere mostly quiet with peak busy hours?  Is the decor recently updated?  Lastly what sort attire are other patrons wearing?  Are sketchy looking individuals roaming about or are people mostly dressed in business casual attire and seated? 


Lets talk about the College Life Work Hussle #Livestream


Cyber Monday says I should be shopping online for gifts, I'm spending the next few hours getting an idea of what to expect this spring semester.  Follow along as I ask unsuspecting commuters about their college experience.
This is a personal subject for me. I want this shot at college to be different from other attempts.  By dressing for the position I want, speaking clearly, asking for help and being honest, I hope to be transparent, develop a sense of community and earn the trust of my peers..  I want to be dependable and able to depend on others.  


Too close to call

With the thought of feeding the needy in mind this particular evening my co workers and were avoiding food waste shame.  Could have been concentrating on the precious end of shift responsibilities needing attention but a tray of perfectly consumable wieners provoked thought. 

Looking at the leftover trays of Halloween party hot dogs that were going to be sent to the trash if not claimed by 3rd shift workers, I suggested we feed people with the leftovers.  Free food....

Being a junior member of the team I was catious not to step out of bounds.  The point was brought up about a liability my employer has and I understand.  The guidelines for food safety and temperature must have something to do with the strict rules. 

Food waste shame is a tough issue to deal with.  Out of my territory.  Besides the guilt associated with even considering the repercussions I would face by not sticking with my diet, the consequences my employer may face if a food donation were traced back to them in the instance someone became ill food waste is still staring at me. 

Food waste isn't something taken lightly either.  From a business aspect food waste is a burden.  Some food just can't be kept. 

Now I see myself being appointed food donation Zar....just to see how much I really care about the issue.  Yikes.

Food waste Prevention

Food waste shame

Restaurant food Donation Guidelines


Etched on I drunk?

Who remembers this and keeps it well?  Have you built from this foundation or simply let it crumble?  Questions I need to ask myself occasionally:
Honestly love a place of friendship with room for cynicism.  This process is going to be around long after you and I are gone. Fame, Finance and Influence.  Not for everyone.  Blanket statements are polarizing.  Keeping a stance on love while having a conversation about the symptoms of society.

Sunday All day

Monday PM:Food Outreach/Study

Tuesday AM: Staff Meeting  PM: Bible College

Wednesday: AM: Women's Study PM: Young Adults

Thursday PM: Team Rehearsal, Vision nights

Friday PM: Life groups

Saturday: AM: Outreach PM: Youth

Sick hashtags I'm thinking about attaching to this...the quote Kevin Hart made regarding his finances in a stand up routine...