Mobile Blog Monday

Be pretty do work.  Thats All I know.  The image of a cool and strange something is looking back at me.  Almost human.  Its like a control looking over my shoulder and directly at me as I prepare a new series for  

The objective of this series is to get independent like-minded individuals out of their car and indoors to treat themselves to amenities.  Seating and workspace, wireless internet access as well as power outlets, adequate lighting, heating and cooling are the sort of amenities I'm referring to.  Wow, there's complimentary coffee and I can grab a bite to eat as well?  Awesome.  

Keeping in mind the nature of the individual who may be simply seeking solitude away from their residence, the atmosphere may be kid friendly but not overtaken by children.  Also having been in the position of a job seeker with little cash to spare, what locations offer their amenities free of charge or at a low cost?

Check out some of the inspiration these Instagram users shared.

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Restuants and Food courts, ship and pack counter at office supply stores, crafting Speciality hobby shops like woodworking and papercrafts, even the expansive corridors of a Hospital are the places in mind.

Yelp and Facebook launched in 2004.  These specific user friendly apps along with Foursquare, Google Maps and some others are designed to allow customers vote on matters that affect the comfort of their guests.  What sort of foot traffic should a vistor expect?  Is the atmosphere mostly quiet with peak busy hours?  Is the decor recently updated?  Lastly what sort attire are other patrons wearing?  Are sketchy looking individuals roaming about or are people mostly dressed in business casual attire and seated?