Too close to call

With the thought of feeding the needy in mind this particular evening my co workers and were avoiding food waste shame.  Could have been concentrating on the precious end of shift responsibilities needing attention but a tray of perfectly consumable wieners provoked thought. 

Looking at the leftover trays of Halloween party hot dogs that were going to be sent to the trash if not claimed by 3rd shift workers, I suggested we feed people with the leftovers.  Free food....

Being a junior member of the team I was catious not to step out of bounds.  The point was brought up about a liability my employer has and I understand.  The guidelines for food safety and temperature must have something to do with the strict rules. 

Food waste shame is a tough issue to deal with.  Out of my territory.  Besides the guilt associated with even considering the repercussions I would face by not sticking with my diet, the consequences my employer may face if a food donation were traced back to them in the instance someone became ill food waste is still staring at me. 

Food waste isn't something taken lightly either.  From a business aspect food waste is a burden.  Some food just can't be kept. 

Now I see myself being appointed food donation Zar....just to see how much I really care about the issue.  Yikes.

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