Etched on Glass...am I drunk?

Who remembers this and keeps it well?  Have you built from this foundation or simply let it crumble?  Questions I need to ask myself occasionally:
Honestly love a place of friendship with room for cynicism.  This process is going to be around long after you and I are gone. Fame, Finance and Influence.  Not for everyone.  Blanket statements are polarizing.  Keeping a stance on love while having a conversation about the symptoms of society.

Sunday All day

Monday PM:Food Outreach/Study

Tuesday AM: Staff Meeting  PM: Bible College

Wednesday: AM: Women's Study PM: Young Adults

Thursday PM: Team Rehearsal, Vision nights

Friday PM: Life groups

Saturday: AM: Outreach PM: Youth

Sick hashtags I'm thinking about attaching to this...the quote Kevin Hart made regarding his finances in a stand up routine...